Preparing For Summer Travel

Summer is FINALLY here!

Do you have summer vacation plans? Whenever I go on vacation, whether flying or driving, I bring my natural first aid kit. It has proven itself on every trip I have taken.

First, I pack a portable essential oil diffuser to use in my hotel room, or cabin – if you have electricity. I usually start with On Guard or Purify to cleanse the room, then in the evening, use Lavender, Cedarwood or whichever sleepy time formula works for you. Helpful in strange surroundings.

To prevent sickness: On Guard, On Guard beadlets, and On Guard hand sanitizer, Chewable Congaplex (helps prevent, boost and stop colds in its tracks)

For tummy troubles: DigestZen, GI Detox (which contains activated charcoal that helps with sour stomachs)

Topical: CorrectX (replaces Neosporin), Pain Patches and Deep Blue (for aches, pains and uncomfortable beds), Terrashield to keep the bugs away, Lavender and Frankincense (good for just about anything)

I also pack bandaids, alcohol wipes, and well – needles, cause, you know, I am always ready for acupuncture. I keep Peppermint on hand, great for headaches, fever, and motion sickness.

Need supplies for your first aid kit? Ask me, and I can order them for you.