Chinese herbal medicine is a safe, effective and drug-free way to become well and stay healthy, naturally. When combined with acupuncture, they become complementary therapeutic modalities that can effectively treat a wide variety of medical conditions.  As part of your individualized treatment plan, a prescription for Chinese herbs may be recommended for you.

Over the past 5000 years, herbal therapy has developed into its own art form. Chinese herbs are a great way to treat acute and chronic problems - restoring balance to your body. Herbs are combined synergistically into formulas which are available in several forms at Blossom Wellness Centre – tinctures, powders (which are taken as a tea), and patents (pill form).

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— -Thomas Edison

Herbs are taken for many reasons: to assist with a quicker recovery from the common cold, menstrual pain, and even assist those with high blood pressure and diabetes. Herbs can strengthen the body’s immune system, balance those conditions that lead to excess and deficiency in your body, and nurture those conditions caused by the modern day stresses of life. Dependent upon your condition, your acupuncturist will prescribe the appropriate formula as well as inform you if these herbs are taken for a longer or shorter duration of time.

Historically, Chinese herbal medicine can be traced back to an ancient text written between 200 BCE and 100 ACE. This text, the Inner Classic, contains the earliest known mention of the theoretical and philosophical foundations of Chinese Medicine. Within the Inner Classic there is mention of 12 herbal prescriptions, with a total of 28 individual substances. The following 2000 years gave rise to an increase in the number of substances and a corresponding increase in the number of formulae. This increase is due in part to the inclusion of herbs from the Chinese Folk traditions, as well as the importation of herbs from other parts of the world. Hundreds of single herbs exist and are used today to make a formula specifically designed for your body.

We offer herbal consultations at Blossom Wellness Centre. Please contact us so we can discuss your options and schedule an appointment.