What do Olympic athletes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and thousands- of-year-old healing modality have in common? Cupping, of course. You might have seen marks, most notable on the neck or back are from cupping of a friend. Cupping is an ancient technique that combines cups (glass, plastic or rubber) that are applied to your skin’s surface and stick by removing the oxygen. While it can leave marks on your skin that resembles bruises, they are not painful and will disappear in several days. The theory behind cupping is that it brings circulation and blood to the surface and muscles, removing the toxins that cause pain. Cupping is mostly used for those with muscular and joint pain. I’ve had a patient tell me it’s like getting 10 massages in one treatment. Once you try it, you will never go back to suffering with nagging aches and pains again. Cups are sterilized after each use.

Tui Na, which means pushing and pulling, is an ancient form of Chinese massage. It uses the basic principles of Chinese medicine with massage, manipulation, and traction techniques to relieve your symptoms. Tui Na is slightly more vigorous than a Swedish massage, and can realign your musculoskeletal relationship. Tui Na is helpful for those with back and neck pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, sprains, and so forth. In addition, different protocols of Tui Na assist internal disorders such as gastro-intestinal problems, emotional disorders, and are especially effective in treating pediatric ailments. Tui Na can be done over clothes and might also be combined with topical applications to achieve the most effective relief.

Moxa is the burning of several herbal substances above the skin in specific areas of the body. This produces varying degrees of heat – sometimes used to warm the abdomen or uterus, stop pain in the toes or other joints, and even regulate menstruation. Several varieties of moxa exist; some can be formed like a thumbtack and be placed on fresh ginger while others are formed and burned like a cigar while others come in a predetermined cone size and can be placed on needles. Moxa can open up the body's passageways which are blocked by cold or stagnation - which results in pain. Overall, moxa produces a gentle warming and calming sensation.

Moxa Uses Include:

  • Painful Menstruation

  • Breech Baby Presentation

  • Arthritis