2017—Year of the Fire Rooster

Last year (the year of the monkey) was quite a dramatic year, full of unexpected turn of events. We can expect more challenges, but on a much less rocky rollercoaster ride.

Those born in the Year of the Rooster have many excellent characteristics, such as being loyal, highly motivated, dedicated – and often blunt. They like to be independent and don’t like to rely on others. Roosters also enjoy being the center of attention, making them great hosts and natural born leaders. Beneath their sometimes bossy exterior is a caring heart and deep love for family them keeps them grounded in what truly matters.

Its a good year to:

Start a family. Want an academic star? Many will choose this year to have children for that very reason. Family and love should also trend in 2017. It’s a year to clear up any misunderstandings and renew family relationships. Looking for love? Monkeys, Rats and Dragons are especially lucky.

Concentrate on your health. Want to lose weight or try alternative therapy? It’s a great time to be mindful of your physical, emotional and spiritual being.

Step up to the challenge. In 2017, no matter which Chinese animal you are – you can benefit by tapping into Rooster traits—have a clear purpose and step up to challenges.

2017, the Year of the Rooster could be summarized as the “wake up” year. Roosters wake up early in the morning to rouse everyone into action with their enthusiasm. We can already see plenty of rooster action in the US!

Mercury retrograde

During the year 2017, Mercury goes retrograde four times and during these times one should be careful:

Dec 19, 2016 to Jan 8, 2017 From earth sign Capricorn, to fire-sign Sagittarius.

April 9 to May 3, 2017 From earth sign Taurus, to fire-sign Aries.

August 12 to Sept 5, 2017 From earth sign Virgo, ends in fire-sign Leo

December 3 to December 22, 2017 During fire sign Sagittarius.

Sources: Lillian Bridges