Are you ready for Spring?

Are you ready for Spring? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is a time for growth and renewing. Spring is associated with the Liver energy. The liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi (or energy) in our bodies. Just as we take the time to do some Spring cleaning around the house and in our flower beds, Spring is also a great time for cleansing and renewing our own bodies with some healthy regimens that may have dwindled in the winter.

If you are interested in doing a springtime cleanse, consider coming in for a nutritional consultation. We have a great way you can cleanse your system while still eating. By doing a cleanse, it can remove the toxic buildup from over processed foods and consumption of sugar. You can regain your naturally energy and improve your sleep – in addition to shedding a few pounds.

To round out your Spring health tune-up, consider acupuncture. Acupuncture can assist in the overall health of your liver. If your liver energy flows properly, you are less likely to become irritable, and your energy restored. The liver is also in charge of tendons; just another reason to start back to walking, golfing or another.

Get ready for the first long walk of season and enjoy Spring!



Happy Chinese New Year. What will the year of the Yellow Wood Dog bring us? This year, Chinese New Year starts on 16 February 2018 and ends on 4 February 2019, when the Year of the Pig begins.

The Dog symbolizes luck and when one comes to your house, it brings good luck to the occupants. Therefore, anyone who loves and cares for dogs this year will get a little extra luck for honoring them.

This year expect more stability than the past two “fire” years, with some exceptions, of course.

Overall, people will be calmer and more relaxed. The themes this year are justice, loyalty, generosity and assimilation.

Having a baby this year?

Dog people have a strong sense of justice. They are brave, forthright, friendly, loyal to his friends and like righting wrongs. Loyal and honest, they have the most profound sense of duty in career. They are also good working partners. In love, they are fiercely loyal.

Unfortunately dogs are also stubborn and can easily become angry and irritable. They too often borrow trouble and are fond of getting to the bottom of matters, criticizing others, can be suspicious and fussy.

Your Health

In Chinese Medicine, the Earth Element involves the Earth Organs of the Body – the Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas. This is considered a good year for health but there are some health conditions exacerbated by the Earth year. The most common will be digestive disorders. Overeating will be a problem along with esophageal reflux. More people will also be diagnosed with diabetes and pre diabetes and it will be harder to keep your blood sugar regulated. Unfortunately you can expect to see an increase in diagnoses of cancer, particularly those involving the Earth Organs – the Spleen, Stomach, Pancreas and the Lymph system. People must also be careful of blood clots as blood will be thicker this year and this forecasts an increase in phlebitis, strokes and heart attacks. It is important to strengthen the Wei Qi, the immune system, as the Spleen is part of that system clear boundaries between self and other will also be very helpful on a psychological level.

Remember, Dogs like to travel in packs. So this year should prove a good year for those establishing friendships, forming the perfect union or making your own offspring of pups.

Let Chinese Medicine fill your soul- keeping you stress free, building your immune system and expanding your family!

Happy Chinese New Year!


Staying Healthy this Winter

Every time I turn around I hear of another patient, neighbor or friend down for the count with a cold, the flu or a stomach bug. In Chinese medicine, we believe “the wind is the mother of 100 evils.” So what does this mean? One of the foundational pathogens in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is wind, particularly wind-cold or wind-heat. What does this mean to you? It means colds and flu are brought to you by the inability of your body to reject that evil wind (that is, you need to pump up your immune system).

How does someone who has studied Chinese Medicine attempt to stay healthy? Ancient Chinese secret, huh? No. Its no secret, let me share.

Why does everyone get sick around the holidays? Change in weather? Yes! Stress, losing sleep or not exercising due to over commitments? Yes. Overindulging in rich, fatty, sugary foods and drinks? Yes, yes and yes!

First step, I exercise, almost daily, even if it is just a walk on the treadmill – cause I’m not going out in that negative temp. Second is sleep. I try to go to bed early and get as much good rest as possible. Third, eating. Yes, I definitely had too much chocolate during the holidays, but I also still ate plenty of greens each day. And during these bitter cold months, make sure you steam your veggies and eat plenty of soup. You are able to digest your food easier to take in the nutrients you need. I must say bone broth is the bomb! Give it a try. And to keep that evil wind from entering, dress appropriately. Wear a scarf around your neck, keep that head warm and listen to the old wives’ tales your mother or grandmother told you about.

Next, get some acupuncture. Do you tune up your car? You need to tune up your body too. Did you know monthly acupuncture and even massage can boost your immune system? And if you already have a cold, acupuncture can help you get over your cold or flu faster. It brings the pathogens to the surface, releasing them from the body. In addition, cupping is great if you have bronchitis or a persistent cough. Just this weekend I cupped my 4 year old daughter after she developed a cough. You could immediately see the change from cloudy, congested eyes, to clear sparkling eyes. (And no, I didn’t cup her eyes, I cupped her back, silly!)

Take your herbs and supplements. What’s your Vitamin D level? If you don’t know have it tested and come back to me. I will help you with a reputable brand of Vitamin D supplements and the correct dosage. I love you Costco, but Costco is no place to buy your vitamins. You are throwing your money away on supplements that have a lot of fillers or don’t use the full part of a plant. That leads me to more of a whole food based supplementation, than that necessarily of “one a day” supplements.

Take some Chinese herbs! Did you know some herbs have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to them? Yep, and they make teas, so if you are on the verge of feeling ill or around a ton of sick people, start drinking Chinese herbal tea. This stuff is flying off the shelves! There are herbal formulas for every stage too, from boosting the immune system, the start of a cold, and even formulas for full fledged colds. Give your immune system an extra boost by trying some mushrooms, like Reishi or Cordyceps. If you’re an elderberry lover this is another great boost at the onset of a cold. Don’t know what’s right for you? I can help. Come on in for an herbal consultation so we can get you on the right path today.

Finally, get on the bus with quality essential oils. See those great bargains from a big box store or online retailer? Probably not the best quality. If you want to use essential oils therapeutically, they must be unadulterated. Purchase your essential oils from a reputable company that does not cut them with synthetics and oils. I love me some essential oils and have for more than 20 years. One brand I favor myself is Doterra. They produce great high quality therapeutic oils. Some I like include Doterra’s On Guard. It’s great for all things gross and germy. I tend to diffuse this oil in the house when bugs are flying around. Stomach bug on the loose? Try their DigestZen. Gotta cough? Try the lemon and cypress on the bottom of your feet. The list goes on of the many great oils that can help you. But please, always use essential oils with caution if you are pregnant or if you have children. Don’t know where to start? We can help with that too. Both Lisa and I are well versed with essential oils and can help guide you.

One last thing. Wash those hands, eat healthy, get some acupuncture and massage. Win the battle over this cold and flu “season.”

What is CBD Oil?

We are happy to announce that we now carry Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. CBD is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are considered antioxidants and neuroprotectants by the federal government. The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) affects a variety of biological processes, one being bringing your body into homeostasis, just like acupuncture! There are no “high” feelings from taking CBD.

So what does it help with?

Many studies have been done regarding the medical properties of Cannabinoids. And looking at the ECS system, we have receptors that affect our appetite, pain, autonomic nervous system, energy and balance, immune function, memory, metabolism, sleep, stress response, and thermoregulation.

We chose Charlotte’s Web due to their high quality products and their mission. I have tried it myself and use it to combat stress. We have seen great success with use for stress and anxiety, pain, migraines, just to name a few. Charlotte’s Web is a whole-plat extract, which research suggests you get the best benefit. The product is grown, manufactured and shipped all from Colorado. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.

Charlotte’s Web comes in three strengths: Everyday, Everyday Plus and Everyday Advanced. And in two flavors mint chocolate, and olive oil. My personal favorite is mint chocolate. Contact us to find out which one will suite your needs. They are also releasing a topical cream in just a few weeks. So stay tuned.